Fantasy Fest 1995

Key West, Florida

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Body Paint

bodypaint One of the more popular costumes, if you can call it that, is body paint. It's cool in the Key West heat, and a lot of fun. Part of the trick is finding out which of the many artists working in Key West are the most skilled. Some of the body paint was stunning. Sometimes you can't tell where the paint ends and the body (or the costume) begins.
Some costumes were a lot of paint cat's eyes roses ... and some were not

Pictures from Fantasy Fest '97, "Teevee Jeebies"

Kiki's front Here's Kiki late Saturday night. The paint had faded somewhat, but this was one of the best. Kiki's back

red cat Holly-Wood Holly-Wood We saw at least two or three pairs of "Holly-Wood"s that night.

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